key technical features: automated liquid handling

TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal brings together speed, accuracy and high precision pipetting of nanolitre volumes with zero cross-contamination from a disposable tip. These automated liquid handling features have multiple benefits for the field of protein crystallography.

mosquito Crystal offers:

  • extremely accurate and precise pipetting in the 25 nL – 1,200 nL range
  • automated plate set-up for all standard crystallisation techniques: sitting drop, hanging drop, microbatch, seeding and microseeding
  • no need for instrument configuration changes when changing techniques or liquid viscosities
  • zero cross-contamination and no wash steps required
  • unrivalled reproducibility down to 25 nL
  • suitable for multi-user labs as it is both robust and very easy to use.

Each of TTP Labtech’s mosquito micropipettes has its own stainless steel piston – not an air gap or system liquid – offering true positive displacement pipetting. This means pipette tips never block or clog and solutions are aspirated and dispensed accurately with no dead volumes, no matter what the liquid type, viscosity, surface tension or environmental conditions.

0.1M HEPES pH 7.5, 70% (v/v) MPD
100 nL
40% PEG 20,000, 96mM TRIS pH 7.1
100 nL
100% DMSO
100 nL

put drops exactly where you want them

TTP Labtech’s mosquito places drops extremely accurately, every time, which is essential to ensure that protein and screen coincide for vapour diffusion set-ups. This accurate placement ensures that drops are central in sub-wells, so there is no wicking. It also makes automated analysis easier, as the area to be imaged can be smaller.

mosquito Crystal’s automated liquid handling also has advantages for seeding and additive screening as is not just a dispenser. It can perform multiple aspirations before dispense, so it becomes easy to select 10 nL of seed stock, followed by 90 nL of screen, and place the combined drop directly on top of the protein drop.

save time and reagents – and minimise waste

mosquito’s low cost micropipettes are disposable, to guarantee zero cross-contamination between samples and remove the need for time-consuming wash steps or replacing costly, fixed-tip dispenser heads.

The pipettes small size makes them easy to store and allows them to reach right to the bottom of a well – leaving minimal (<0.3 µL) dead volume in the source plate and no in-tip dead volume. This allows you keep all the savings from an efficient set-up process.