protein crystallisation with mosquito LCP

TTP Labtech’s mosquito LCP overcomes the common problems encountered with accurately dispensing the highly viscous LCP mixture used in membrane protein crystallisation. It allows you to fully automate LCP set-ups accurately and repeatedly.

automated lipid cubic phase screening

mosquito LCP allows you to dispense lipidic cubic phase (LCP) volumes as low as 25 nL, while automated calibration of syringe and pipette positioning ensures precise drop-on-drop placement for easy automated imaging.

In addition, mosquito LCP includes all the functionality of mosquito Crystal for your automated vapour diffusion set-ups. This allows you to set up both LCP and traditional protein crystallisation experiments in any commercially available plate, using just one instrument, with no configuration changes or additional hardware or software.

mosquito LCP employs TTP Labtech’s proven positive displacement mosquito tips for screen additions offering guaranteed zero cross-contamination.

TTP Labtech also offers additional components to enhance your membrane protein crystallisation screening, such as a humidity cover and an automated mixer for preparing LCP.


>>Optimising automated low volume, high value protein crystallisation screening


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