assay miniaturisation with mosquito® HTS, the multi-talented liquid handler

Both TTP Labtech’s mosquito HTS and mosquito HV make assay miniaturisation simple, leading to significant savings on precious reagents and time. Both liquid handlers are ideal for multi-user labs as you can just walk up to either one and use it.

mosquito HTS offers an accurate and easy-to-use-solution to miniaturising any assay within an automated, high-throughput setting. Volume range is 25 nL–1.2 μL, which can be expanded to cover 25 nL–5 μL in conjunction with mosquito HV. By using mosquito’s unique positive displacement pipetting technology, dead volumes are minimised to under 0.3 μL.

Application areas include:

  • serial dilutions
  • plate reformatting and replication
  • acoustic plate source creation
  • next generation sequencing
  • genotyping
  • high throughput MALDI-TOF MS

–> Read more about the benefits using mosquito HTS for these applications

Using mosquito HTS means you can prepare “assay ready” plates containing test compounds direct from library stocks or dilution plates, as the disposable micropipettes guarantee zero carry-over between samples. mosquito HTS can aspirate from any source plate leaving dead volumes of less than 0.3 μL – both critical cost areas to consider when capitalising on the savings of assay miniaturisation for high throughput screening assays.

You can easily program mosquito HTS to perform traditional serial dilutions by aspirating, dispensing and mixing across a plate using miniaturised volumes ranging from 25 nL–1.2 μL. This allows you to effectively perform hit confirmation from high throughput screening assays using multiple compound concentrations.


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