TTP Labtech’s mosquito HV can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • compound screening and hit picking
  • serial dilutions for the determination of dose response curves
  • acoustic source plate creation
  • plate reformatting, including transfer between different plates types
  • plate replication
  • molecular biology based applications such as: DNA, RNA extraction and PCR preparation; processing in protein precipitation; cell culture seeding and handling

serial dilutions

Cost-saving serial dilutions are effortless using mosquito HV to miniaturise volumes in standard assay plates. TTP Labtech’s mosquito HV is particularly suitable for precise intermediate volume serial dilutions where final volumes over 1 μL are required.

protein crystallography

mosquito HV is ideal for the accurate creation of larger volume drops (1 to 10 µL) of multiple components used in protein crystallography scale-up and optimisation work.

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