applications – hit picking

A pre-requisite for efficient primary screening is rapid, automated hit picking for validation and secondary profiling. TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 can be easily integrated into larger screening systems to offer true walk-away hit selection in the 25 nL  to 1.2 µL range with an attractive throughput.

The benefits of TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 for hit picking include:

  • Nanolitre sample volumes can be applied with high precision resulting in conservation of stock compound solutions
  • Direct piercing of plate seals means that compounds dissolved in DMSO (or other solvents) are not exposed to the atmosphere prior to selection for hit confirmation
  • mosquito X1 enables the use of source and destination plates with different well densities in the same protocol
  • mosquito X1’s multi-drop feature allows simple and fast creation of replicated assay wells or plates

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