Simplify hit-picking with miniaturisation and integration!

A pre-requisite for efficient screening is rapid, automated selection of hits for confirmation and secondary profiling. TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 (featured here with the cherry picker II integrated workcell), is a single tip nanolitre hit-picking system designed for hit confirmation and secondary profiling. It offers precision sampling of any individual well in any plate, enabling researchers to quickly select small volumes of hits from a variety of source plates and transfer them directly to the next screening stage without further dilution.

TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 can also be easily integrated into larger screening systems if further automation is required.

Why choose mosquito X1 & cherry picker II workcell?

  • high-speed automated hit-picking
  • accurate low-volume pipetting (25 nL -1.2 μL or 0.5 – 5 μL volume range)
  • rapid disposable tip exchange guarantees zero cross-contamination
  • direct piercing of sealed source plates
  • provides extended walk-away time with up to 80 input/source plates
  • reliable plate handling with automated bar code reading and hit selection from .csv hit lists.

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