key technical features for a nanolitre liquid handling system

TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 is a single tip nanolitre liquid handling system that can access any well in any microplate and transfer nanolitre quantities of hit compounds. It is easily integrated to a plate stacker to provide walk-away hit selection.

mosquito X1 is capable of pipetting volumes from 1.2 μL down to 25 nL with no washing required and extremely rapid tip changing.

  • rapidly access any well in any type of plate
  • easy integration to provide a walk away nanolitre liquid handling system
  • directly pierces plate seals with no additional equipment
  • accurate nanolitre hit picking from 25 nL – 1.2 μL
  • dead volumes are under 100 nL in ‘V’ bottomed source plates
  • zero cross-contamination is guaranteed using disposable tips
  • multi-aspirate and multi-dispense pipetting ensures speed and efficient consumable usage
  • rapid cycle time: averages only 6 secs for aspirate, dispense and tip change