mosquito HTS: low volume automated liquid handling for studying autophagy and cellular transduction in cancer cells

Drug discovery is a complex and involved process, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to identify efficient small molecules or biologics against drug targets. Millions of potential drugs are screened in order to obtain a marketable drug.

High-Throughput Screening (HTS) approaches are used to collect a large amount of experimental data in a relatively short amount of time with miniaturized amounts of the expensive libraries. Measurements of compounds against targets must be standardized using concentrationdependent curves and determining IC50 values.

Drawbacks of traditional serial dilution of compounds include: limited to microlitre volumes, limited data accuracy, poor reproducibility, high consumption of consumables.

Here, we describe two examples of HTS approaches and follow up concentration-dependent curve studies and demonstrate how TTP Labtech’s mosquito® HTS liquid handler can overcome many of the challenges associated with manual serial dilutions and high-throughput pipetting.

Download: mosquito_HTS_SBP_TTPLabtech_poster_SLAS2016.pdf