acumen: an integrated solution to provide phenotypic primary and secondary screening of full deck compound libraries

Performing phenotypic cell based assays for primary screening campaigns is challenging. Key factors include:

  • the culture of large numbers of cells
  • plating cells into microplates
  • complex assay protocols

High content assays are amongst the most demanding since they involve multiplexing of fluorescent dyes, proteins or probes. Most high content imaging systems offer limited capability for primary screening due to:

  • low throughput,
  • large data files and
  • incompatibility with high-density microplates

These drawbacks make it impractical to deploy such systems for full deck library screening. When using these systems, a compromise has to be taken to screen only much smaller library subsets. Such a targeted approach reduces the impact of phenotypic screens. This poster discusses how laser-scanning imaging cytometers (LSICs), such as the acumen®, are compatible with primary full deck compound library screening campaigns.

Download: acumen_phenotypic-screening_TTPLabtech-poster-2015.pdf