ameon: validating the 1536-well capability of the ameon fluorescence lifetime (FLT) reader

Fluorescence based assay methodologies are enabling and invaluable technologies for modern high throughput screening (HTS). However, the majority of fluorescence technologies are limited by a number of compound interferences, most notably; quenching, auto-fluorescence and light scattering. Fluorescence lifetime (FLT) technology is based on measuring the time a fluorophore spends in the excited state before returning to the ground state. FLT is an attractive readout parameter due to its ability to mitigate some of the aforementioned compound-related assay interferences, in addition to being insensitive to well-to-well volume variations and less prone to turbidity by precipitating particles. This poster demonstrates that the ameon reader is capable of detecting FLT in a 1536-well microplate with the same sensitivity as a 384-well microplate.

Download: Validating_the_1536_capability_ameon_FLT_reader_poster_SLAS2016.pdf