arktic: low cost, low footprint, automated biobanking

maximising storage space and facilitating the biobanking workflow

Since the early 1990s, biobanking has been evolving as a key resource, increasing the availability and dissemination of biological material such as DNA, RNA, tissues and cells throughout biomedical research. Aside from large biobanking schemes set up by national and institutional biobanks (such as the Human Genome Project and the NCI), there are a growing number of smaller research groups and companies needing low cost, compact, automated secure biobanking facilities as their sample library increases.

As the number of biological samples continues to increase, sample handling also becomes increasingly time consuming, labour intensive and open to error. Additionally, there is a requirement for increased space to accommodate additional freezers or liquid nitrogen dewars which places additional strain on research facilities. Small footprint, automated storage modules such as TTP Labtech’s comPOUND® or arktic™ are capable of storing up to 10 times the number of samples of a standard laboratory sized -80ºC freezer. Introducing automation to these manual processes significantly alleviates the tedium and potential errors associated with storage and retrieval of such large sample numbers, and increases throughputs.

TTP Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic transport technology removes the need for moving parts within the cold zone. This provides robust storage, ensuring longevity of modules and minimal down time. In addition, cherry-picking only the samples required eliminates unnecessary partial thawing of samples which are not required, thus improving sample integrity.

This poster discusses the advantages of automated biobanking units such as comPOUND or arktic. It explores how the adaptation of pneumatic transport technology allows biobanking modules in remote stores to be connected directly to laboratories or to be integrated into further automated instrumentation for assay set-up and analysis.

Download: comPOUND-arktic_biobanking-workflows_TTPLabtech-poster-2013-portrait.pdf