dragonfly: efficient crystallisation of a tuberculosis drug target

Enzymes that are essential for the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis) are valuable drug targets. During the hit validation step of drug discovery, there is a requirement for structure determination of the target. However crystallisation of the hit protein continues to remain the bottle neck of this process sometimes taking many months to achieve a suitable crystal.

The use of reliable, low volume automated systems such as TTP Labtech’s mosquito® Crystal has improved the time and accuracy of primary screening. This poster will describe how Dr. Michal Blaszczyk at Cambridge University, UK has used dragonfly to optimise the conditions for the crystallisation of target enzymes involved in the growth of Mtb.

Download: ACA2015_poster_Michau-Blaszczyk_Cambridge_200715final_BB_EU.pdf