dragonfly: automation of assay optimisation studies

efficient and rapid set-up for a wide range of biological applications

With the escalating complexity of molecular biology and biological assays, assay configuration is becoming increasingly challenging.

Assay optimisation requires the simultaneous study of multiple parameters to maximise assay performance. Parameters for study may include reagent concentration and volume, pH and source. As a result the determination of the optimal conditions can be a costly and time consuming process requiring the set-up of multiple studies to analyse each individual parameter. Often, such studies are limited by manual pipetting.

The employment of multi-factorial or matrix style assays enables optimisation of experimental parameters and the study of more biologically relevant questions. This saves resources and reduces the potential for hidden replication of conditions. This also overcomes the problems incurred in the standardisation and calibration of multiple runs.

TTP Labtech’s dragonfly is a compact, affordable addition to assay optimisation workflows. It provides rapid non-contact dispensing where each tip can dispense any volume into any well with no cross-contamination. This eliminates the tedium and complication of plate set-up in matrix optimisation assays, ensuring repeatable and reliable results.

Download: dragonfly_automating-assay-optimisation-studies_TTPLabtech-poster-2013-portrait.pdf