mirrorball: homogeneous binding assay for hybridoma screening

comparison of laser scanning systems

Monoclonal antibody therapy represents one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting segments of the pharmaceutical industry today. This has placed unprecedented demands on the antibody discovery process that has traditionally relied on assay formats such as ELISA and flow cytometry.

In this study, we compare a mirrorball high sensitivity microplate cytometer (TTP Labtech) with the ABI 8200 system (Applied Biosystems, FMAT®) for a homogeneous (no wash) binding assay. mirrorball is a new bench top laser scanning system that rapidly and simultaneously acquires and processes data from the whole well to provide simple readouts for antibody binding.

Using a no-wash assay protocol with mirrorball allows researchers to screen antibody supernatants with minimal reagent additions, no wash steps and achieve excellent sensitivity with only 5-10 microlitres of sample. With mirrorball’s unique ability to scan simultaneously with up to three lasers, it is also possible to multiplex antigens, for example target antigen and counter-screen. In this poster, we demonstrate a direct comparison of these two

Download: mirrorball_hybridoma-screening-system-comparison_TTPLabtech-poster-2012.pdf