mosquito HTS: enriched datasets from in-house compound libraries using direct dilution methods in 1536-well plates

Serial dilution of drug compounds is standard practice for preparing a dose response series to determine the potency of a compound.

1536-well plate serial dilution has proven less than optimal due to the compounding errors inherent in each dilution step. In addition, many liquid handlers have difficulties with achieving effective and consistent mixing within the well.

Direct dilution has been of interest, in recent years, for preparing the dose response curves. However, a narrow dynamic range and the requirement for fixed well volumes are limiting factors for performing an accurate direct dilution. Taking advantage of low volume liquid handling systems in the nanolitre range has enabled this approach to be utilized more widely.

This poster will demonstrate how TTP Labtech’s automated low volume liquid handler (mosquito HTS) can create a semi-direct dilution series into 1536-well plates. This method will be compared to the gold standard serial dilution method.

Download: mosquito_HTS_DART_TTPLabtech_poster_SLAS2016.pdf