mosquito HTS, HV & dragonfly: verifying the accuracy and precision of liquid handlers is essential for assay reliability

Assay-ready plates are becoming key to maximising throughput and assay robustness for many HTS departments. These plates contain test compounds prepared at specific concentrations from library stocks ahead of time. DMSO is routinely used for compound dissolution, but its presence at concentrations above 1% can markedly affect assay performance. Thus, accurate volume transfer of nanolitre quantities of DMSO-based stock solution are required to keep concentrations low when preparing assay-ready plates.

Sub-microlitre liquid handling is technically challenging and requires accurate verification to within a few nanolitres. Sub-microlitre dispensing needs have led many laboratories to automate their processes. With the pipetting of such low volumes, liquid handling accuracy and precision can impact assay variability significantly. This poster presents data using the Artel MVS® to validate and optimise the use of TTP Labtech’s mosquito HTS, mosquito HV and dragonfly.

Download: mosquito-artel-QC_TTPLabtech-poster-2015-final.pdf