mosquito HTS: miniaturized serial dilution of compounds: essential for ultrahigh throughput screening (uHTS) drug discovery

Serial dilutions, plate replications and reformatting into higher density plates are often routine processes in drug discovery laboratories. Miniaturizing these assays have important cost benefits by reducing precious compounds and reagents required, and also allowing for a range of high density plates for higher throughput and efficiency, but these can present challenges for liquid handling systems. As volumes are miniaturized, even small inaccuracies are proportionally magnified. Therefore, it is paramount to choose a reliable and accurate liquid handler. This poster discusses how the mosquito HTS can offer extremely fast and accurate serial dilution, assay-ready plate preparation, plate replication and reformatting, all in one setting.

Download: mosquitoHTS_miniaturized_serial_dilution_TTPLabtech-poster-2015.pdf