mosquito X1: automated nanolitre hit picking at BioFocus

A pre-requisite for efficient primary screening is rapid, automated selection of “hits” for confirmation and secondary profiling. The mosquito X1 (TTP Labtech) can be easily integrated into larger screening systems to offer precision sampling of any individual well in any plate. This enables researchers to quickly select small volumes of hits from a variety of primary screening plates and transfer them directly to the next screening stage without further dilution. mosquito X1’s disposable pipette tips guarantee zero cross-contamination, and ensure accurate and reproducible pipetting throughout the 25 nL -1.2 μL range. This poster describes a section of BioFocus’s screening workflow where mosquito X1 is integrated with a RapidStak plate stacker (Thermo Scientific) using TTP Labtech’s CherryPicker software. This allows the mosquito X1 to work unattended for extended periods. The CherryPicker software drives the system automatically by converting pick lists provided by BioFocus’ LIMS system into mosquito protocols, and feeding plates via the RapidStak.

Download: mosquitoX1_Biofocus_TTPLabtech-poster-2013-portrait.pdf