mosquito HTS HV: bridging the gap for automated low volume liquid handling

unique design for volume transfer accuracy

Serial dilutions, plate reformatting, replication and preparation are common, routine processes in a wide range of disciplines within both academia and the drug discovery industry. Automation of liquid handling and dispensing for these processes offers accuracy and reproducibility as well as time savings compared to manual pipetting.

Over the past six years TTP Labtech’s mosquito® HTS has established itself as an extemely popular, reliable and robust nanolitre liquid handling instrument. With its positive displacement pipetting technology, it offers rapid accurate dispensing of sample volumes from 1,200 nL down to 25 nL regardless of viscosity. Disposable tips ensure zero cross contamination and users can quickly swap between applications, without labware or system set up changes.

mosquito® HTS HV is an addition to TTP Labtech’s low volume liquid handling portfolio, offering the versatility to perform highly accurate microlitre pipetting regardless of viscosity (from 500 nL to 5 μL), whilst incorporating the same unique qualities of the mosquito® HTS instrument.

With outstanding accuracy (within 2% of target volume) and repeatability (c.v.s less than 3% throughout the volume range), mosquito HTS HV can be successfully employed for serial dilutions, plate re-formatting, as well as the preparation of intermediate and assay ready plates. One particular advantage recently highlighted includes the liquid handling of “near assay” serial dilutions using standard plates where volumes between 1 to 5 μL are required.

Download: mosquitoHV_low-volume-liquid-handling-Novartis_TTPLabtech-poster-2012-portrait.pdf