mosquito LCP: A fast and fully automated solution for Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) screening

The automation of protein crystallography screening has contributed significantly to the rapid progress of crystallography-based structural biology offering increased throughput and accuracy, with the ability to use smaller volumes of both protein and screen solutions, thereby saving valuable protein and reducing reagent costs.

Automation of protein crystallisation trials set-up requires accurate placement of nanolitre volumes of protein and screen drops, in addition to the reproducible and accurate dispensing of solutions of varying viscosities. This is particularly important for the set-up of the highly viscous lipid mesophases in the LCP crystallisation technique for membrane protein crystallisation trials.

mosquito® LCP by TTP Labtech offers a fully automated solution to LCP screen set-up. With an optional LCP mixer and a microsyringe dispenser that can accurately dispense nanolitre volumes of the highly viscous cubic phase, mosquito LCP offers fast throughput, high precision and unrivalled reproducibility. mosquito’s positive displacement technology and disposable tips ensure unrivalled accuracy and zero-contamination between samples.

This poster describes the features of TTP Labtech’s mosquito® Crystal and mosquito® LCP and their ability to address the issues of the automated set-up of protein crystallisation screen trials. The ability to automate both micro batch and vapour diffusion methods of protein crystallography (sitting drop, hanging drop) without instrument configuration change offers significant flexibility for the crystallography laboratory. mosquito LCP offers all the advantages of mosquito Crystal but with the addition of a dedicated microsyringe dispenser for accurate dispensing of nanolitre volumes of the highly viscous cubic phase.

mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP offers fast throughput, high precision and unrivalled reproducibility.

Download: mosquitoLCP_LCP-screening_TTPLabtech-poster-2012.pdf