sample management

TTP Labtech’s sample management portfolio

Our portfolio consists of a range of innovative products and peripherals designed to store, transport and process your samples.

sample management storage and processing

Our instrumentation is ideally suited to the storage and processing of biological and chemical reagents, including solubilised chemical compounds in DMSO and water, purified DNA, RT-PCR primers, proteins and antibodies.

robust technology

At the heart of these products is TTP Labtech’s unique pneumatic technology, using a cushion of compressed air or nitrogen and a system of flexible tubes to transport microtubes. This makes our instrumentation extremely reliable and robust compared to traditional systems that use robots. TTP Labtech’s modular stores, comPOUND® and arktic®, minimise the use of moving parts that can malfunction in refrigerated conditions and our proven technology ensures that users will have maximum uptime and availability of their systems.


Modularity is a key benefit of TTP Labtech’s sample management systems. This provides flexibility and enables the storage capacity to expand in response to your storage needs. As your library grows, throughput actually increases! Each individual module has an independent cherry-picking facility, which means that if other modules are temporarily unavailable (e.g. whilst being serviced), the remainder of the library is still available. Moreover, if laboratory requirements change then relocation of the system is straightforward.

sample transport

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab laboratory management system provides flexible, microtube transportation and scheduling between laboratories or systems. It can be used for managing samples from the lab bench direct to analytical equipment for analysis, or for providing lab management for enhanced compound QC.

sample processing

TTP Labtech’s comPILER provides automates processing from storage to assay plate creation, providing arraying, thawing, centrifuging, decapping, recapping and return to storage, plus the interface to a liquid handler for reformatting.

TTP Labtech is an ESBB and ISBER member.

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