arktic biostore: a compact, automated solution to -80°C storage

Academic research groups and pharmaceutical companies need low cost compact, automated and secure -80°C biostore facilities to accommodate increasing volumes of biological samples, ranging from DNA and RNA, to cell lines, stem cells and tissues.

Effective biobanking is an essential pre-requisite for high-quality biological research. The proper collection, processing, storage, and tracking of biospecimens are vital components allowing researchers to achieve accurate and valuable research results. To meet these challenges, TTP Labtech has created arktic – a low cost, compact storage unit which provides unrivalled storage density, full sample tracking and rapid retrieval.

To ensure viability and reduce sample degradation it is vital to minimise the risks of thawing, either within the cold zone or during sample selection. TTP Labtech’s arktic provides easy sample access and stable temperatures to give you unrivalled robustness and reliability for your -80°C storage requirements.

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