applications – biorepository

Today, biospecimen collections are widely used by multiple groups for basic research through to clinical trials.

Research laboratories, institutes and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focussing on successful long term storage in a biorepository, due to the increasing numbers of biological samples such as cell lines, stem cells, genetic material, blood fractions and tissues samples acquired throughout their lifetime.

Biobanking is evolving as a key resource improving availability of biological material within research groups for studies of population epidemiology, leading to a rapid increase in large scale storage of biological fluids such as DNA, RNA, serum, plasma and whole blood, as well as tissues and cells.

Robust -80°C storage facilities are required across a wide range of industries including:

  • collaborative ventures such as cancer research
  • hospitals
  • pharmaceutical and academic research laboratories
  • seed storage and genetic research in the agricultural industry.

TTP Labtech’s arktic provides low cost compact, automated, reliable and secure -80°C storage facilities.

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