key technical features

TTP Labtech’s arktic offers:

  • High density, low cost storage: outstanding storage of up to 139,464 0.5 mL or 59,830 1.4 mL samples per module
  • Automated sample retrieval: tubes can be pre-sorted within the -80°C environment with racks of up to 96 tubes typically being dispensed in under 10 minutes. Individual microtubes can be cherry picked and delivered from store within 60 seconds
  • Sample integrity: samples are stored in dry air in a hermetically sealed environment
  • Secure and safe sample tracking: 2D barcoded microtubes and easy to use software ensure easy sample identification and tracking
  • Small footprint: measuring just 0.8 x 2.0 x 1.3 m, arktic fits neatly into an bench sized space in your laboratory
  • Expandibility: modular system enabling easy expansion as your sample repository grows
  • Flexibility: self-contained units can be sited anywhere and easily relocated as your storage requirements change.


TTP Labtech’s arktic has no internal robot arms. A simple, rotary mechanism accesses the required storage location and each sample is withdrawn pneumatically. The absence of moving parts in the cold zone significantly reduces the potential for mechanical failure as well as enabling easy access when maintenance is required.

innovative technology

This product is protected by: UK Patent Number 2497150 and US Patent Application Number 13/889,693