key technical benefits

TTP Labtech’s comPANION receives microtubes from comPOUND modules and arrays them into SBS footprint racks; it can also return racked tubes to comPOUND modules. The microtubes are all transported using the pneumatic technology that is central to the comPOUND sample store. comPANION is joined to the comPOUND store using simple tubing that is easy to install or retro-fit to a site.

join stores to manage a larger library

When your sample library grows, comPANION is a simple way to link up to 4 comPOUND modules so all their samples can be accessed in parallel. This speeds up the already fast throughputs to cope with the growing demands on your library.

interface to further automation

TTP Labtech’s comPANION can act as an interface to a variety of robotic rack handlers for integrating comPOUND into a fully automated screening system.