comPILER: connecting compound libraries to screening

TTP Labtech’s comPILER can be interfaced to comPOUND® stores to create a high throughput processing system creating assay plates directly from stored compound libraries. comPILER can cherry-pick microtubes from up to 12 comPOUND stores simultaneously, allowing the system to retrieve, process and re-store over 60,000 microtubes a day.

delight your screening department

TTP Labtech’s comPILER provides your comPOUND storage modules with sample handling throughputs to match your screening department’s demand. Only those library subsets required need to be selected for each screen, and each plate can be made up directly from primary stocks rather than cloned plates which have suffered uncontrolled exposure to the environment.

  • Walk away operation
  • The modularity of comPILER allows each processing station to operate independently and enables the system to be configured to suit each individual’s application




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