TTP Labtech’s comPOUND® sample storage allows you to hold a biological or chemical compound library in a hermetically-sealed inert environment. You can configure each module to store samples at the appropriate temperature (ranging from -20°C to ambient) according to the biochemical nature, solvent and stability of the compound.

dial up sample retrieval

Laboratories are increasingly automating biological  and chemical sample storage and supply. Integration of sample storage with liquid handling robots typically requires the complex integration of these platforms. Using comPOUND’s software, managing your compound library is easy. You can specify plate locations for each retrieved sample to generate plate formats that link seamlessly to pre-existing work platforms and liquid handling programs.

For example, TaqMan screening primers can be “dialled up” so they are delivered in a format ready for immediate use. A 2D bar code on each tube is read on the way into and out of the store ensuring the correct sample is delivered.

Additional comPOUND products offer a range of compound management solutions enabling manual front of store retrieval through to remote delivery and walk away overnight processing. These solutions are capable of providing a fully automated solution to reliable and secure sample handling

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