key technical features

Each of TTP Labtech’s self contained comPOUND modules measures just 1.2 x 1.65 x 2.4 m (47 x 65 x 93”), offering you outstandingly compact storage of up to 200,000 0.5 mL samples per module.

To ensure compound integrity, samples are stored individually under nitrogen in a hermetically sealed chamber at a user-defined temperature ranging from -20°C to ambient. Every sample is checked when stored, and again when retrieved, to ensure security. Automated storage and retrieval in microtube format provides an advantage over plate storage, as it allows only the samples of interest to be cherry picked. This eliminates the need to subject every sample to unnecessary freeze/thaw cycles when a plate is removed.

capacity and throughput that grows with your requirements

When multiple comPOUND modules are linked to increase storage, samples can be accessed from all modules simultaneously. This allows processing speed and throughput to increase as your library grows.

  • comPOUND can identify and deliver a sample in only 6 seconds
  • processing speeds increase when multiple modules are linked, as all linked stores can be accessed simultaneously
  • proven reliability, as pneumatics reduces the number of moving parts in the controlled environment
  • self-contained comPOUND modules can be sited anywhere
  • samples can be delivered direct to the lab bench, using pneumatic tube transport from comPOUND to a comPANION module
  • modules are easy to relocate if your laboratory requirements change
  • standard modules also have the option of a simple conversion to double-density – from 100,000 x 1.4 mL microtubes to holding up to 200,000 x 0.5 mL microtubes, or a mixture of both types.

TTP Labtech’s comPOUND offers modularity, flexibility and a small footprint. This automated storage and retrieval system can expand to suit your business as it grows, providing an integrated library of almost any size.