comSTACKER: automatic removal and replacement of samples

TTP Labtech’s comSTACKER is a flexible add-on unit for comPOUND storage modules. It enables the unattended automatic removal and replacement of tubes from comPOUND storage modules into racks within the unit.

comSTACKER has a removable cassette that holds up to 10 standard SBS racks and an adaptor plate that allows both 0.5 mL and 1.4 mL microtubes to be retrieved and stored. Racks do not need to be full to capacity and each cassette slot does not need to be filled, as ‘missing’ or ’absent’ racks are simply skipped over.

TTP Labtech’s comSTACKER can be easily retrofitted to any comPOUND store via two fixing brackets to the front door and the unit can be readily removed for maintenance or if access is required. comSTACKER can work in harmony with comPANION and comPILER if required.

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