key technical features

TTP Labtech’s comSTACKER provides a simple accessory that can be added to new and existing comPOUND modules. The objective is to allow up to ten racks to be processed automatically.

TTP Labtech’s comSTACKER consists of:

  • Server unit (mounted on the comPOUND) which transfers racks to and from comPOUND. This contains the two stepper-driven axis drives and the rack gripper which are used to move the racks from the cassette onto the comPOUND front indexer.
  • Cassette unit, for loading and unloading racks from comSTACKER.

It is designed to be used with racks from a variety of different vendors. It is also designed to be easy to maintain, as there are very few adjustments in the system and parts prone to wear are kept to a minimum.