does your lab work need rapid access to specialist instrumentation?

lab2lab: an automated sample transport and scheduling system for connecting scientists to centralised instrumentation.


Today’s scientists need timely access to a wide variety of equipment which is often located some distance away from their normal place of work. Lab2lab provides a real-time, simple, reliable and secure method of transporting samples to instrumentation (or other scientists), facilitating automated data collection on a wide variety of systems.

Linking instrumentation over long distances to multiple laboratories with lab2lab improves equipment accessibility and overall capacity.

what is it?

lab2lab is a pneumatic tube transport system that has been developed using existing technology already successfully employed by TTP Labtech in its comPOUND® and comPILER®  sample storage systems. Using a unique identifier (e.g. lab book number), the scientist’s sample is linked to the required instrument protocol(s) and the transport tube barcode. The sample is then sent via a benchtop sender unit to the instrument, or instruments, of choice. Tube may be sent directly to an instrument receiver for processing or they can be held in a buffer zone, depending on instrument availability and sample priority. At the instrument receiver the sample is transferred directly to the system autosampler. Once processed, samples can either be sent for additional procedures, to a manual collection point, or automatically to waste.

secure and simple transport

Every sample tube has a unique 2D barcode which is used for tracking through the lab2lab system. Associated with each tube is a set of electronic instructions to inform the lab2lab system which instrumentation protocols are to be used, enabling it to choose the appropriate destination for each sample. The unique identifier is then used to return the required data to the requesting scientist. Typically the time from sample submission to data being returned to the requester is less than 5 mins.


lab2lab is simply configurable and can accommodate any laboratory or building set up. A network of flexible tubing connects laboratories and work areas to the instrumentation and this is easily retrofitted to existing facilities. Any combination of work areas and instruments may be connected through lab2lab, providing a host of exciting possibilities in effectively supporting your scientists.


To date Waters Acquity UPLC (MassLynx), Agilent 1100/1200 (ChemStation), Bruker BioSpin (TopSpin) have all be successfully integrated into the lab2lab system. In addition the entire TTP Labtech sample management product range, including comPOUND®, comPILER® and comPANION® are also compatible. Additional instruments can easily be incorporated as required.

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