lab2lab application areas

lab2lab provides rapid sample transport and tracking.

synthetic chemistry

It is essential for synthetic chemists to have easy access to analytical equipment allowing them to monitor reaction and purification activities and characterise intermediates and final target molecules. Analytical instrumentation such as HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, UPLC and NMR, are routinely employed in all these processes to follow reaction progression and to ensure the integrity of isolated products and intermediates.

linking scientific disciplines

Drug discovery is a multi-disciplinary process and the ability to facilitate the transfer of information and samples between scientists is key to the timely development to novel drug candidates. lab2lab provides a simple and rapid way of transporting and tracking sample movements between the key discovery functions, connecting synthesis to purification and analytics, then to compound management, screening and a host of downstream activities, always ensuring that samples are in the right place at the right time.

compound QC

Using TTP Labtech’s lab2lab, your compound collection can be connected to existing analytical instrumentation, allowing QC data to be gathered in instrument quiet time and in parallel to the screening process. Problematic compounds once discovered can be withdrawn from the screening process, increasing both data quality and integrity. In addition, these data can also be used to estimate a compound’s stability under the storage and retrieval conditions, highlighting problematic series.

purity, concentration of formulations

Rapid analysis of drug formulations for concentration confirmation and purity analysis saves time and ensures consistent quality of data generation.

additional applications include:

  • transportation of requests from sample management function to requesting scientists.
  • connecting clean or controlled/regulated work environments. E.g. GXP, biological, etc.
  • operating theatres to pathology labs. Real-time evaluation of biopsy samples to help steer the direction of the operations. E.g. lymph node evaluation during lumpectomies
  • QC of drug substance in production environment. Tracked samples sent to remote, regulated QC lab
  • automated sample analysis for reaction optimisation on flow and batch reactors
  • transportation of swab samples from boarder control officers to remote analytical laboratory