To get full value from your instrumentation requires knowledgeable, well trained staff. TTP Labtech promotes full understanding of its products by offering the following packages:

  • Basic Operator Training: to provide an overview of the instrument hardware and software, plus lots of practical experience of instrument operation focussed on its intended use at the site.
  • Advanced Operator Training: this can be focussed either to give the user extended software knowledge and the confidence to address new application areas, or to give practical experience of administrative and recovery utilities to enable the trainee to resolve problems quickly and effectively on-site.

Basic Operator Training is included with each instrument purchase. Should you wish to introduce new users or if personnel change roles then we would be happy to arrange additional training sessions to suit your requirements.

Courses are typically held at the customer’s site at a convenient time previously arranged with the TTP Labtech product specialist. Upon request, TTP Labtech can also facilitate in-house training at our facility near Cambridge, UK.

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